We have three cats, they are the first pets that I have ever owned, Helen (my partner) has had cats before. Their names are Rossi, Diesel and Chevy.

I am very fond of them all especially Rossi ( shhh!! don't tell the others). All three are rescue cats, we got them from Millstream Animal Sanctuary in Clayton Bridge, Manchester.


Chevy looking innocent.
Chevy is a 9 year old, female black and white domestic short hair. She was born on 24/5/2004 and weights approx 4.5kg. We named her Chevy, becasue I am an avid NASCAR fan and she purrs like a Chevy V8 engine. more


Diesel in the snow.
Diesel is a 12 year old, female black domestic short hair. Well alright shes not completely black, she has four white patches. One under her collar, and the other three no word of a lie form a perfect little bikini. She was born on 4/7/2000 and weights approx 3.7kg. We named her Diesel, because she is black and purrs like a Diesel engine. more


Rossi looking beautiful
Rossi is a 14 year old, female grey and white domestic shorthair. She was born on 5/12/1998 and weights approx 4.3kg. We named her Rossi after Helen's favourite motorbike racer Valentino Rossi. more